LGBT+ Focused:

Name: Description: Focus: Region:
Agenda [GNDA] A guild focused on providing a safe, friendly and feminist space for QUILTBAG players. Social EU
No Plain Old Crackers [POC] A guild focusing on creating a space for LGBT+ POC Social NA
Sisters Not Cisters [SIS] A guild focused on making a safe, anti-oppressive space for trans people. Social NA
Underground Salad Association [USA] A social guild focused on making a friendly and welcoming space for LGBT folks and sylvari enthusiasts. Social NA

LGBT+ Friendly:

Name: Description: Focus: Region:
Lionguard Expeditionary Company [LGEC] An LGBT+ Friendly, Inclusive RP/PVE/PVP/Social focused guild centered around making good friends, supporting one another and telling collaborative stories. RP NA
Indoles Justicia [InJu] A small, close-knit, friendly guild focused on socializing and helping each other out! Social NA