Agenda [GNDA]

160 members


Our aim is to provide a safe, friendly and non-sexist space for QUILTBAG (Queer, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans*, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay) players and those who are QUILTBAG allies. We welcome people from all servers and countries, and have a particularly strong presence on the Piken Square server.

There are many queer guilds on the EU servers, including Lets Grab Big Toyss [LGBT], Queér Home [LGBT], Rainbow Pride [GAay]. What makes Agenda unique (as far as we know) among these guilds is that we strive to provide a safe and feminist environment in our chat and other channels. This, and since we don't spell feminist TERF, also leads to Agenda being a good choice for rainbow gamers that wants all colours of the rainbow in the guild.

Since we do have members living in countries where being lgbtqi+/quiltbag is forbidden, we don't demand you repping the guild or to take part in game activities. Since a good safe space is a friendly space though we want members to don't stay strangers. We bind together the guild chat with discord chat and want you to always be able to find some support on days filled with trolls, or days you just want to share that one power meme or find good rainbow rebels to go to fractals with.

Guild Activities:

PvE, Fractals, Guild Missions, Discord

How to join:

First, read the Code of Conduct listed on our website. If you agree with the codes of conduct and would like to apply, contact Agenda by leaving a message via webpage. Tell us a bit about why you want to join and we will contact you for a personal chat.

New recruits join the guild at Ally rank, and you’ll be promoted to full Member rank once the guild has had a chance to get to know you and one of the officers has had a chat with you. This can take anything from one week to a couple of months, depending mainly on how active you are in guild chat and other guild forums.