Lionguard Expeditionary Company [LGEC]

9 members


The Lionguard Expeditionary Company is a roleplay focused guild that is a safe place for people of all stripes to enjoy telling stories, socializing with friends, playing games and being a part of a tight-knit community.

We are inclusive of all LGBT+, disabled, neuroatypical, POC and other minority groups. We strive to be an understanding and empathetic group of friends that welcome and care for all persons.

We have a starting guild hall, run guild missions and PVE/PVP on a flexible schedule and have plenty of experience running and coordinating roleplay communities.

Guild Activities:

PvE, Fractals, Guild Missions, PvP, Roleplay, Discord, other games.

How to join:

Contact thequimper.7215 in-game or DoctorPuppy#3334 over Discord.