Sisters Not Cisters [SIS]

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Sisters Not Cisters is an effort to make a safer space for trans people of all genders, especially those who experience racism, sexism, ableism and other forms of institutionalized oppression. Allies and questioning people are welcome, but must respect that this isn't about them.

We are a primarily social guild, with a level 60+ guild hall with nodes and buffs. Though it's not a requirement, we appreciate people participating in guild chat and missions when they happen.

Guild missions are every Saturday, one hour after reset (8:00 PM EST).

Raids are currently set at 7PM EST Sundays (training new bosses) and 9PM EST Mondays (farm day). We also run a raid training group on Fridays at 9PM EST for people who want to get into raiding.

Guild Activities:

PvE, Fractals, Raids, Guild Missions, Movie Nights, Discord

How to join:

Complete the application on our enjin site.