Underground Salad Association [USA]


75 members


Underground Salad Association [USA] is intended to be a casual, social Guild Wars 2 guild with the aim of bringing together people who wish to huddle together for warmth against a cold, heteronormative world.

[USA] aims specifically to be an LGBT-focused, friendly & social guild, with a casual approach to all PvX. There is no pressure to rep or participate.

We also have a Discord, which we use for both social chatting and organising guild events.

It’s not a requirement to be LGB or T, or a Trahearne fan, but if you dislike him and you’re cis + het this may not the guild for you. ;)

Guild Activities:

PvE, Guild Missions, Discord

How to join:

If you are interested in joining [USA], please review our rules/code of conduct. If you are 18yo or older and would like to join [USA], you may message either guildmaster on tumblr or in-game to request an invite.

Guildmasters are Aarne @canach (luxymonsteri.1078) and Uropygid @pocket-raptor (uropygid.3402).