About Us

"The problem with identity politics is not that it fails to transcend difference, as some critics charge, but rather the opposite- that it frequently conflates or ignores intra group differences."

Kimberlé Crenshaw

Our Purpose:

The Alliance is an effort to organize the Guild Wars 2 LGBT community with the aim of facilitating increased communication between LGBT guilds, acting as a resource for players looking for safe communities to join, and inspiring all guilds to think about intersectionality within their communities.

As The Alliance, we think it is critical to maintain awareness of intersectionality within our management of and interactions with our communities in order to properly acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of the LGBT community. For this reason, guilds brought into The Alliance must be commited to managing themselves with intersectionality in mind.

How to Join:

To apply on behalf of your guild, please contact The Alliance via email or message our discord account, GW2.LGBT#8889. You will be asked to complete a quick survey to determine whether your guild is a good fit for The Alliance, as well as provide additional info for the listing. The expected turnaround time is 12 to 72 hours, during which our management will discuss your application. You will be contacted through the provided discord alias to discuss the decision.

If accepted, your guild is expected to select representatives to communicate with the alliance. A guild can join the alliance and choose to not be listed on the directory.

All guilds, including those that do not have a majority LGBT membership, are welcome to apply to join The Alliance, as long as they are committed to managing their communities with the goal of creating a safer space for marginalized and oppressed groups. For listing purposes, we do distinguish between guilds that have an LGBT focus (LGBT) and guilds that do not (LGBT-Friendly).

Guilds in which a non-English language predominates are also welcome to apply. We ask that the application be filled out in English so that all Alliance representatives are able to read and understand it. Additionally, because representatives within the discord must be able to communicate with each other, we ask that any guild representatives chosen to join the discord be fluent in English. If your guild chooses to be listed on the website, however, you are free to write the page's content in your guild's main language.


The Alliance is currently managed by a moderation team made up of representatives from all participating guilds.

If you believe a guild has been improperly admitted into The Alliance, please submit your grievances and any applicable receipts to our email.

Contact: Email

There are currently 6 guilds in The Alliance.